Hawkins Pizza Clayton

  • Delivery time 60 min
  • Halal

Menu Hawkins Clayton

Here at Hawkins Clayton, we live to eat! We strongly believe that the value in living can be celebrated with great food but of more importance, life is about sharing experiences, laughing, smiling and making great memories with your friends and family. We offer fantastic service with the highest quality authentic Italian food around. On our menu, any item that we display is also available for takeaway, where our pizza is an absolute hit amongst our patrons. Our authentic Italian cuisine is inspired by home cooked Italian sentiment. It is our belief that home is where the heart is, and our hearts lie in the Italian kitchen. Our menu has been developed over many years and has gradually been refined based on the popularity of certain items. It is a perfect blend of classic Italian recipes and more contemporary fast food favorites amongst our customers. Hawkins Clayton Italian eatery integrates the true essence of the Italian way of living – which is both colorful and filled with amazing flavors. Although we focus on pizza as our flagship dish, we are also diverse in our provision of other delicious styles of food, such as kebabs, mouthwatering garlic breads, tasty burgers and side orders of hash browns and french fries. We can tell you now, that anything and everything on our extensive menu is lip-smackingly delicious. However, some of our signature dishes always seem to leave our customer’s in absolute awe - these include dishes such as the mixed kebab and double cheese burger. However if authentic Italian is what you’re after, then the pepperoni or supreme pizzas are meals which leave even the gods delighted!

About Hawkins Clayton

Hawkins Clayton’s mission began many years ago, with the aim of creating a totally unique experience that combines truly authentic Italian cuisine with various other popular dishes amongst the locals and tourists in Manchester, England.

Two of our most important philosophies we live and cook by here at Hawkins Clayton are passion and simplicity. Our pizzas, kebabs and burgers in addition to other dishes that we freshly prepare have all stood the test of time in our kitchen, where quality always surpasses quantity. Our customers keep returning to our restaurant because they’re absolutely certain that they’ll receive the most authentic and delicious food with fantastic value for money. 

Restaurant location Hawkins Clayton

Hawkins Clayton can be found in the beautiful area of Manchester, England, 584 Ashton New Road, M11 4SG. The area of Manchester where Hawkins Clayton can be found is highly accessible by taxi, bus, car or train and therefore our delicious food will always be at your fingertips and lips no matter where you are in Manchester. See you soon!

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